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Remote Work – Offered As A Proofreader


Remote Work – Offered As A Proofreader

Do you have a knack for grammar, are you able to spot mistakes and correct confusing sentences on the fly? The role of the proofreader, or proofreader, might be for you.

As a proofreader, you are expected to be able to review all types of content, including email copy, blog posts, business documents, and more.

Basically, you’ll be a second pair of eyes for publishers and help them create more elegant and professional content.

Earnings per hour: € 12- € 50
Find this remote job on: Upwork , Monster , Freelancer

One of the funniest remote jobs is getting paid to listen to your favorite music. There are companies that hire people to review songs, to test short music samples or to rate new albums.

Your feedback helps artists, record labels and brands perfect their songs to sell music online .

Earnings per hour: € 5- € 15
Find this remote job at: SliceThePie , Research.fm

9. Remote Work As A Music Reviewer

If you are well versed in website design , you can work for NGOs, tech companies, and more.

The companies that hire you will test your skills in Adobe Illustrator, UX, and CSS, so make sure you’re well prepared in these areas.

With some expertise and the ability to create eye-catching web pages, you can easily do this job remotely and make good money.

Hourly earnings: € 30- € 50
Find this remote job on: 99designer , Upwork , Indeed

Nowadays, customer service is very important. More and more companies are hiring service representatives to handle customer inquiries while working remotely. Training is provided and a set schedule can be chosen from a variety of shifts over a 24 hour period.

Remote customer support work isn’t a walk in the park, but if Cambodia Phone Number you have great interpersonal skills and enjoy helping others, consider applying for a remote customer support job online.

Remember that you will need a quiet space to work.

Earnings per hour: € 8- € 20
Find this remote job on: VIPDesk Connect , Glassdoor , We Work Remotely

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12. Instagram Influencer

If you have a passion for video and photo content and like being in front of the lens, then consider becoming an Instagram influencer . This is one of the best jobs online, if you can achieve a certain notoriety and increase your followers substantially.

Nowadays, almost all businesses strive to partner with influencers who can expand and sustain their reach on Instagram.

If you know how to create Instagram Stories, know which hashtags to use, and if you are able to create stunning captions, you could be the perfect influencer.

But be careful, since it is a social network, this job may seem too easy and instead it has very specific strategies to follow if you really want to get results. For example, knowing when to publish on instagram and other social networks .

Earnings per hour: € 7- € 40
Find this remote job on: Instagram

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