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Mini Program Case: Tencent Growth Guardian Platform


Mini Program Case: Tencent Growth Guardian Platform

Recently, i have seen relevant content. About underage game. Addiction in many media. “ministry of education: investigate problems. Such as game addiction among primary. And secondary school students throughout the year”. As a post-90s generation recalling. Those things Mexico Phone Number about his childhood. And games, he can deeply understand. The dangers of being addicted to games. And the worries of parents.

To this end, i have experienced. Although this may be true, tencent growth guardian. Platform (currently only supports. The web terminal). According to the “ready-to-use” feature of the applet.excluding the download cost, combined with the scenario. Analysis of the growth guardian platform. The terminal is migrated to the mobile terminal.

Small programs couldn’t be more suitable.

2. Analysis of product value

Although this may be true, For game anti-addiction control, QQ account authentication and WeChat binding mobile phone numbers are related, but over time, “human beings will find the best solution.” The same is true for children, in order to prevent the anti-addiction QQ account from looking for the ID card authentication of other adults.

Then you may ask, can the growth guardian platform completely solve this problem? But I think the avoidable rate is as high as 95%. After all, registration of QQ and WeChat now requires a mobile phone number for registration, and there is also the last line of defense, the Tencent King Card.

What is the relationship between Tencent network card and game anti-addiction? If the parent handles the Tencent King Card for the child and binds the King Card number, the child uses the Tencent network card to play games. At this time, the child uses the WeChat/QQ not bound by the parent to play the game, the parent will immediately receive a reminder, and then the parent will respond accordingly. countermeasures.

I think it is very possible for parents to buy a “Tencent mobile phone” for the healthy growth of their children, not to mention applying for a king card.

3. Product introduction

Goal: Pay attention to children’s game situation in real time, help children arrange time reasonably, prevent children from indulging in games, and ensure children’s healthy growth!
User: 28-40-year-old parents
Scenario: Parents communicate with their children in a reasonable and appropriate way. Parents use the applet to associate and authenticate the QQ/WeChat account used by the child, and set a reasonable game time for the child.

4. Functional Scope

First, experience the functions of the official website and official account of the Growth Guardian Platform.



  • WeChat login or QQ login (must be bound with a mobile phone number)
  • Child’s WeChat login authentication
  • Understand some technical limitations in Mini Program development

5. Information Architecture

When I build an information architecture, I divide the information into two parts:

  • The first block is the management and display of the associated child account
  • The second block provides parents with growth-related information



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