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How to make a profitable calendar?


How to make a profitable calendar?

It can be imagined that how much money was make How to make a by selling “One-way Calendar”, maybe the first calendar many people bought was “One-way Calendar”.

In addition to “One-way Calendar”, there is also “Forbidden City Calendar” that sold 500,000 copies a year, and “Heirloom Calendar” that sold 100,000 copies in 60 days.

Recently, the operating calendar and the financial calendar in the circle of friends are also on pre-sale.

Then the village chief will talk to you about how to make a profitable calendar from the following three aspects.

Why do people still buy calendars?

First of all, before you sell a calendar, you need to be clear about why people still buy calendars?

Now there is a lot of time-related information on mobile phones, computers, and watches.

If you are not clear, as a producer or distributor, even if you send it to a circle of friends, you will not be able to sell it! A sense of ritual

Compared with the cold numbers on Afghanistan Phone Number electronic products, the desktop calendar is torn page by page.

It not only reflects the courage to say goodbye to the past, but also is full of hope to start a new day. This tactile experience will make us live more real.

In fact, every time you tear up an old page, it means that you will learn something new.

This is also in line with the current fragment learning scene, and it also makes many people feel a sense of gain every day psychologically, which will mobilize a person’s positive emotions and generate motivation to buy.

The five core elements of a profitable calendar

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I just said why someone needs a calendar, and if you want to make a calendar that can make money, you have to meet two important conditions.

Some people buy it, and some people want to sell it!

For example, the operation calendar issued by the operation research institute shares a common sense of operation every day.

Another example is the “Wealth-making Calendar”, which is a skillful method of making money. Every day, I share a little money-making skill, small thinking, and small idea.

The “Health Calendar” launched by Dr. Lilac just matched his users.

Today’s calendar is important for users to date reminders, and more importantly, what else can they learn?

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