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Surely you have been told on occasion about the advantages of remarketing.


Surely you have been told on occasion about the advantages of remarketing.

Dut what exactly is remarketing. In this article we are going to explain what it is and some of its advantages. But before we start  we want to explain in what part of digital marketing this strategy fits. Remarketing is within online advertising. So we can understand that it has a quick return on investment since it is not through organic positioning but through payment. What is Senegal Phone Number remarketing? Remarketing are those advertising campaigns that are based on impacting users who have had some previous contact with a company or brand. In other words. Remarketing is advertising based on specific audiences that have previously been. Impacted by other advertising or have visited the.

website organically For example,

I have been able to access the web through a Google Ads advertisement. Through RRSS or through a blog. Well once I visit the site and thanks to cookies. I can enter a database of people who have visited this page. Remarketing uses this “BBDD” to impact these potential customers on Facebook or Google Ads advertising. How to make these audiences for remarketing? These audiences can be made by choosing what actions they have taken on a web page. For example. Do remarketing on Facebook Ads you need the Facebook pixel. Thanks to this pixel you can hold events and choose to impact. For example all the people who have visited.

web page, but have not sent a contact form

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In this way you get these potential customers to remember. you and finish performing the action you wanted. What advantages does remarketing have? The advantages of remarketing are several. It allows to segment the public of the announcements. It helps you to attract again those potential customers who have already shown interest in the brand or company at some point. Allows ads to reach users at the time they are most likely to buy. As you can see, it is a great marketing strategy that, combined with other actions, is ideal to close sales and “remind” potential customers that you are still there to meet their needs. Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter post navigation What is Google Analytics for. What is Google Analytics for? 6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday¬† What is Google Search Console and what is it for? online store development Advantages of creating an online store website legal notice Legal obligations of your website Marketing strategies for the sales campaign Leave a comment Comment* Name* Email* Web page Save my name, email and website in

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