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Ebbinghaus believed that physiological factors, such as


Ebbinghaus believed that physiological factors, such as

In order to learn with this method, it is important to take into account two elements. time and repetition . The most relevant discovery that Ebbinghaus made was that by reviewing information again, at key moments in the forgetting curve, the forgetting curve can be reduced and/or stopped. Spaced learning consists of this. The review gaps between review sessions may get longer as time goes on . So you can update your learning frd what they are trying to convey to her . Therefore, going to resources that maintain interest can make them pay attention and also learn. You can use videos, images, seminars, among others. As well as motivate students to actively participate. Foster a culture of learning Having group members share what they learned days later is one of the most effective ways to beat the forgetting curve and ensure change.


It can be a simple interaction or a project that can reinforce this knowledge.

Offer relevant content In addition to implementing all these tips, you must give the student relevant content. And by relevant we Portugal Phone Number mean applicable to your work . Many schools and universities limit themselves to explaining theoretical concepts that, although useful, are meaningless if they are not understood in a real concept. The human brain is selective and when it comes to storing permanent information, it is even more demanding. Therefore, we recommend planning the training and making the most appropriate information prevail. The more applicable the content is to your daily tasks, the more meaningful the learning experience becomes.

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Helps connect new information with knowledge you already have Knowledge

that has been in the mind for a long time has not been affected by the forgetting curve, so you can ask students to try to relate all the new concepts and facts to memories they have already built. Overcoming the oblivion curve will become much easier if you find training spaces where you can apply the aforementioned . Therefore, we invite you to be part of our school, IEBS. We do not offer self-training education, but each and every one of the students will work at the same pace and without schedules. The idea is that they can contribute ideas among all and learn about different points of view. In addition, they will work on projects that help enhance knowledge collaboratively. What did you think of this article about the forgetting curve ? Do you know other ways to avoid it? Leave your

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