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E-commerce business data analysis practice guide


E-commerce business data analysis practice guide

This sharing is mainly divided into three parts; the first part is the basic introduction of e-commerce data analysis; the second part is a detailed introduction of commonly  e-commerce data analysis methods; the third part is a practical introduction through specific cases.

The first is to describe the status quo, which is through visual indicators. And in-depth explanation of whether the business status is good or bad, and where is the good or bad?

The second is to analyze the reasons behind, such as the reasons why the business development is not particularly Saudi Arabia Mobile Number good or the reasons for the development are relatively good, only by knowing the reasons behind it can we better improve the business and achieve business growth;

The third is to make suggestions for business development. As an analyst or business person, the final destination for data analysis must be to put forward professional opinions and suggestions.

Describe the current situation

Describing the status quo is the first step in data analysis, and it is also a relatively energy-intensive step. Many tools are , such as commonly used data extraction and data analysis tools: SQL, database, Excel, etc. As a professional data analyst, you must be proficient in these tools. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number As a business student, you can focus on mastering Excel, and after mastering it, you can adequately deal with data processing. Therefore, the first step in describing the current situation is to obtain data, do data processing, processing, cleaning, etc.

After data processing, processing, and cleaning, the second step is to determine the indicator system. If the business status is better  by business development, it is obviously not very mathematical or statistical, so you can use transaction volume or order amount to describe the business. With good development, the descriptions of indicators of different calibers are completely different, so a very important step in describing the status quo is to sort out what kind of indicator system is  to describe the status quo.

There are three main steps

The second step is to determine the sub-indicators. When the North Star indicator is , it needs to be . For example, GMV is disassembled into new customer GMV plus old Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Saudi Arabia Mobile Numbercustomer GMV, or GMV is disassembled into the number of transaction users multiplied by the customer unit price. How to disassemble it? To be  out according to the specific business;

The third step is to split sub-indicators into process indicators. For example, new customer GMV can be  into advertisements, websites, etc.  on different channel sources.



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