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Digital presence is key to increasing your sales


Digital presence is key to increasing your sales

Nope? Why? It is possible that you consider that web pages are obsolete and that with them the use of blogs, however; We are here to tell you that it is not. Websites are one of the most important tools that you have to consider having when you are going to start a business or develop your brand, and in this article we are going to tell you why. digital presence An extension of your business A website or web page is an extension of your business and, like a local, it must be given continuous maintenance, with maintenance we not only mean updating technical aspects such as plugins or programming languages, but also keeping the blog active. ,


Since this will become the main engine

that drives your page to the top positions. Importance of having a website As we have been able to realize, every Kenya Phone Number List day the activity that people carry out on social networks increases , but have you asked yourself: How is it that large companies sell? Most of the ads we see on Facebook or Instagram have links that redirect us to… web pages , and that is where we can not only buy the product that led us to click on the ad in the first place, but we also see the news from our favorite brands. Websites are the new magazines, the new directories.


The new catalogs and everything within reach of a click

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To give us an idea of ​​the. Magnitude of being on. The internet, let’s do this. Exercise, search in your preferred. Search engine for an event that. Happened in the early. Years of the last century. You already did? You found it? Wasn’t it really easy. As well as fast? Now, if with that speed we were. Able to find something from the past, imagine. How quickly that client you are. Looking for can find you. In our days, the. Fact that a brand does not have. A website is as if it did not exist, as if it. Were unattainable, so exclusive that the only. Way to get its products or access its services. Would be by going to its physical store. Advantages of having a web page digital presence.

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