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Development Services Algeria Phone Number


Development Services Algeria Phone Number

Only in this way can you find  and maintain the connection with this generation. Variety is a good example of an internal motivation that consultants, among others, can connect well with. Seeing many different customers is a motivation that appeals to young people.” Naomi: “Personal attention to my growth is  important to me.” But what are the internal motivations of this generation? For Christina, learning and development is more important than salary. “The step from training to the work field is a big one. You don’t have some knowledge when you just start Algeria Phone Number working”, adds Hester. “It’s nice to watch with senior colleagues and to learn and gain the necessary experience in this way. Both professionally and organizationally.

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Other motivations that emerge during the conversations are pleasure in work, appreciation and achieving results together. Anne  agrees: “For me, a day is only really successful if I have worked well together, notice that colleagues are satisfied and I have received compliments.” Have a conversation Geertje indicates that organizations make assumptions too quickly. “It is true that the young generation values flexibility. But what Denmark Phone Number does flexibility mean to them? And how do you respond to that as an organization?” Her tip? “Involve several generations in these kinds of issues. Discuss what you see, what the challenges are, what possible solutions there are and what actions are associated with.

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Christina: “Diversity in an organization  creates beautiful things.” Generation Y also sees added value in collaborating with other generations. “Everyone contributes something different. Experienced people have more knowledge about how the hares run and we know more about the digital world. The balance between them is very nice”, shares Tim. Naomi finds working with only colleagues from her own generation both hip  and dynamic and a bit boring. She also values diversity. The experts by experience Stay up to date “It is important that organizations stay up-to-date. What we see is that the young generation has a great ability to innovate.


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