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“Bangs”, which became the focus of discussion before this year’s apple conference


“Bangs”, which became the focus of discussion before this year’s apple conference

“Bangs”, which became the focus of discussion before this year’s apple conference (and then disappointed together).What is even more remarkable is that. The second season of “Tedrasso” was nominated for 20 emmy awards. Becoming the new comedy film with the most nominations in the history. Of the emmy awards. And won the best comedy series and supporting. Actor and actress. Of seven trophies. This series tells the story. Of american football. Coach ted lasso (jason sudeikis). When he was invited to england to coach the football team. Encountered various. Challenges and interesting stories, and how he solved. It with a warm and optimistic personality. And sublimated himself in the process. The above-mentioned human nature. And emotions are mostly based on two.

also details that many british people will definitely disapprove of. No,

I’m not talking about how to Qatar Phone Number explain the strange offside rule, let me show you the way of football! (the following may contain spoilers, if you haven’t watched the movie, please read it carefully) american football coach, can you fly to the premier league with one ticket? In the first episode of the first season, ted was originally just the coach of a college. american football team in kansas.  But in the real world, can a person who does not understand the rules .of football really be the team. manager because the team owner appoints it? Actually not. In fact, if you want to coach a european football team (including the uk at this time), you must have a certificate. There are five levels of european football coaching licenses, ranging from level 1,

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After entering the field of professional coaching,

there is the fourth layer of “A-level” and the highest level “Pro-level (the uefa pro license)”. Anyone must obtain a pro-level certificate in order to truly lead you to listen.  Evil supplementary certificate). How long will this process take? According to local statistics in the united kingdom. it takes an average of seven years for a coach. to reach the third level of “Barely professional”, so not only is airborne like ted not feasible in the regulations, but nathan and roy suddenly joined later. Mv5bzjjhoti1ndmtzwzloc00zdbiltk4mtitntk0 photo credit: apple tv+ coach, nathan, roy, how many assistant coaches can there be? As the story progresses,


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