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After human beings entered globalization, a large number of epidemic diseases and climate change have brought


After human beings entered globalization, a large number of epidemic diseases and climate change have brought

The reason why COVID-19 has a serious impact is because it crosses borders and spreads rapidly. To all corners by virtue of its strong transmission ability. At the same time, it also crosses many professional fields. Which catches everyone off guard and makes the world do not know. What the next step is to be safe. of. The way to break through the predicament requires the cooperation of countries around the world, governance within the government, and the support and trust of the people. (2:30~3:40)Morocco Phone Number

Climate catastrophe vs Covid-19

Climate warming will cause more infectious diseases to be released, and more complex infectious diseases may appear  in the future. If the climate, infectious diseases and aging society all. Compete together in the future, if you are not fully prepared, will have a considerable impact. (4:20~4:55)In 2005, the United Nations Development Agency Morocco Phone Number said that Taiwan is one of the 10 most vulnerable and dangerous countries in the world. Faced with this situation, it is necessary for the country, industry, and people to have forward-looking thinking and actions, and begin to practice transformation. In conclusion, Taiwan must accelerate transformation. speed, prepare and increase resilience to face possible future disasters

From “brown economy” to “green economy”

Taiwan has used the brown However, economy in the past: cheap water prices, cheap electricity prices, cheap labor prices. And even subsidies for fossil fuels have become the keys to successful profitability. But these keys have become stumbling blocks for today’s development. (5:01~7:04) The world is focusing on the issue of climate warming. When countries are dealing with epidemics. They are still solving the problem of carbon emissions or thinking about.  How to improve climate warming. It is generally that by 2050, the earth’s temperature will be affected by a large amount of carbon emissions. The average

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