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A unique pianist with a generous and warm old soul


A unique pianist with a generous and warm old soul

Listen to Nicholas. A live performance by Nicholas Angelich is a little different from a recording. If you knew the pianist from Angellich’s recent recordings, you might imagine him as a recluse. Indeed listening to Angellich Dedication released by Erato in 2016. You will hear Liszt’s B Minor Sonata in B-minor, which is broad, calm, and daring, and Schumann’s “Chrysler Soul”.

Angellich’s live performance however had a different inspiring feel to it.

The author heard Angellich at the Lugano Slovenia Phone Number Festival in Argerich, a simple and tall pianist dressed so lightly that, by some standards, he might be mistaken for a staff member. However, in chamber music, every breath, every bow, every tense phrase, Angellich can get it right, and in Brahms’s turbulent calm and dazzling complex sound patterns Jerichy is still like a big brother, with ease and confidence, and he is at the helm in a quiet and hurricane, which makes the blood boil. The “recording” of Liszt’s sonata is the

Everest that is unattainable in the history of piano performance recording.

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How many people just go up the hillside, put a flag and hit a card, and then run away; a little foolish person will die on the road as a hero achievement. Even Krystian Zimerman, one of today’s most acclaimed masters, admitted that he almost gave up on the recording, only to suddenly finish it in one fell swoop during a thunderstorm. Angellich’s recording has another kind of calmness, his style of invincible and dangerous tricks is convincing.

Set the essence of European piano masters into unique Anpai music Angellich learned from the elders of the early 20th century who shaped our impression of the playing style of European pianists, including the old and strong Aldo Ciccolini, Yvonne Loriod, who taught and interprets 20th century music, and Michel

Beroff, who was very precise. , and Marie Françoise Bucquet. Looking back on the process of being instructed in the past. Angelich said that each of the top pianist teachers has different influences on them, and because the teachers are such excellent performers, their generosity and selfless demonstration in class is very important. good teaching. In addition to these famous masters,

Angelich especially thanked his mother for leading him to music and enlightening him to play the piano.With such a foundation,

Angelich also has unique insights into the approach and attitude of performing nineteenth-century works, including structuring his own repertoire. He said, “Challenging and developing new and rare repertoires are of course important, but seeking freshness is not the point. The sincerity and artistic purpose of the repertoire are the key to the final decision.

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