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31 salon, stylist & hairdresser logos that will make you look your best


31 salon, stylist & hairdresser logos that will make you look your best

How do you tell customers about your hair salon before they’ve even booked their first appointment it’s simple find the perfect logo that sums it all up. In fact, a successful stylist logo makes as many statements as the haircut or dye job itself. Mastering hair salon logo design is all about the right balance of personality and purpose.

Be it a quirky hipster spot, an upscale spa or a nofrills barbershop, the logo should support and enhance the overall mission of the salon. Collage of different salon logos below, we’ve gathered ideas and inspiration for great hair salon logos. Along with making an impression about the shop and its services, a welldesigned logo can be an outstanding business tool.


What makes a good hair salon logo?

Use it wisely. What makes a good hair salon logo — when image manipulation service designing a logo for the beauty and grooming industry, it’s important to seriously consider who your customer will be. Are your customers looking for a boutique salon experience do the customers come to the salon not only looking for a hairstyle, but also looking for relaxing spa services is your salon aimed at bold, daring customers who come in looking for purple dye, halfshaved haircuts or even a mohawk these are the questions to ask yourself before getting a logo design, as it should speak to the type of customers who will be the patrons of the business. Vintage salon logo design with scissors a vintage salon logo design by naomi theresia think about the many places where a salon logo can exist.

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The fundamentals of logo design

It illuminates the storefront. It decorates the wall GMX Email List of the shampoo area. It adorns a website, business cards, tshirts and other promotional ventures. With so many places to make an appearance, it needs to make the right impression. In addition to speaking to the target customer, a salon logo should be just that. Obviously a salon logo. Literal elements like scissors, a comb, a spray bottle or the silhouette of a head can go a surprisingly. Long way in emphasizing the purpose of the business as a whole.

Amazing logo ideas for hairdressers, hair salons and stylists — playful and quirky. Salon logos color to dye for logo color to dye for logo by merci dsgn colorful afro salon logo logo. Design by dusan klepic dk  truck cuts logo truck cuts logo. By heyeksa logo with dodo mascot dodo logo by asaad logo with wizard mascot logo by deb. Playful logo with swan illustration fun and sophisticated logo design by esay playful logo with illustrated lips and dots. Playful yet elegant logo design by identity. Pulse quirky and whimsical logo with handlettering whimsical logo design by designsmadewithlove you’re serious about style, but your logo doesn’t have to be.

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